The Dinner Party Project is collecting ideas about the society we would like to live in by setting social and not economic goals. If you feel frustrated by your leaders’ lack of political vision and are interested in making society more civil socially responsible and fair, read on!

The Dinner Party is a way of gathering ideas built on the tradition of sharing food and conversation around the table. We want to see if multiple small dinner parties can create a national conversation about what a good society should be.

New views about what makes a good society can shift power broker thinking from economic equations based on self-interest, to prioritising responsibility for social wellbeing.

Host a dinner party in September or October and help us propose positive options, not just critiques, so we can collate and promote ideas generated from the dinner parties.

The website is an entry point to the process. Be part of thinking up new agendas, starting with your own dinner party!

About the Dinner Party Project…